Sunday, January 31, 2010

continuation of yesterdays studio shoot ...

This is 3 year old Kate. She was my first shoot of the day yesterday. It is always tough to get the little ones to smile. We had to bring in reinforcements to get any smiles out of this one. Our new puppy, Piper did the trick. I had to let her take a few pictures with Piper at the end of the shoot. Too cute!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

In the studio today...

This is a Senior I did a photo shoot of today. His Name is Kennon Upton. He is a Senior at West Marion High School in Columbia, MS. This kid was a trooper. It was about 32 degrees out when we did his outdoor photos and snow flurries. Yep, I said it, snow again this year in south Mississippi, crazy!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

January 26, 2010 - Run Log

January 26, 2010
3.25 mile run on treadmill
Time: 29:09
Pace: 8:58 
Just trying to get back into the swing of things. It has been difficult these past two weeks trying to find time to run. I have been very busy, and I know that this half of the year is not going to get any slower! I also know that I have to make time for my runs. They really make me feel so much better and relieve a lot of stress. Good run today, even if it was on a treadmill. 

Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 23, 2010 - January Rail Sessions ..... part one

Eric Bailey

Tiffany Landry

My friend Eric is an adrenaline junkie. He pretty much does any sport that involves possible breaking of bones. I on the other hand like to watch and take pictures. Eric, Tiffany, and Bryan all decided to build this wakeboard rail to play with. I went over there yesterday and decided to get a few pictures of Eric and Tiffany playing on the rail. I think that they are crazy getting into this frigid water at this time of the year, even if they are wearing wetsuits. Bryan was the smart one and stayed out of the water. I personally think that if his arm was feeling better he would have been out there with those crazy people. The only way I am getting cold doing a sport like this is if I am in some snow on a snowboard. I figured I would post a few of the pictures from the session. Oh and the cute little boy is Ty, Bryan and Crystal's wonderful child! A future wakeboarder, or as Ty likes to call it "bakeboard"

Tyson Giles - future "bakeboarder"

Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 18, 2010 - 26.2 Tattoo - Phase One

This was the inspiration for my tattoo.

the tattoo that is on the shoulder blade is going to be covered up. it is a skeleton on a surfboard. i got it on my 18th birthday. i love this tattoo, but it faded too much from not taking care of it in the sun and has kind of all mushed together. i will miss him.

January 18,2010
Marathon Tattoo Part One...

Today I started the first of many sittings for the tattoo that I decided to get about a year ago when I decided to run my first marathon.
Let me give you a little history. Last year my wife Jenny and I finished our first half marathon. Jenny's running partner Terri Ward also finished this half marathon in New Orleans, Louisiana. This was Terri's second half marathon. A few weeks later, after all of our pain wore off from half marathon, we all decided to sign up for our first full marathon. We thought and thought about what marathon would be the best for all of us. Terri told us about the first half that she ran in Memphis, Tennessee, it was for St. Jude. Terri said it was an amazing race, and that it was something that she thought that we would really enjoy. We all discussed a number of different races and decided that we really wanted our first marathon to be one that we really wanted to be special. What better way to make our first marathon special but to do it to fight cancer!
Training started in August and we all realized very fast that that we had a long road ahead of us. We had short runs, recovery runs, tempo runs, interval runs, cross training days, rest days and most importantly LONG runs. I learned really fast that our long runs were where we were going to get to know A LOT about eachother. Now when I say a lot, i mean a lot! Probably a lot of stuff that a guy doesn't want to hear about or really know about until running with a bunch of women. This is when I decided that I would do most of my long runs with what came to be my best friend, also known as my ipod! With all of that said there was one good thing that came out of our long runs. We all decided that we would get tattoo's to mark this occasion in our lives. Terri decided on a ichthus (jesus fish), Jenny decided on presbyterian seal dove, and I, being a tattoo guy, chose something really big! Jenny and Terri, along with a lot of our friends call me a machine or bionic man when it comes to running, so I found this inspiration piece for my 26.2 tattoo. It has a LONG way to go, but this was the first two and a half hours of a thirty plus hour tattoo to go. Oh and a coverup of a tattoo that I got when I was eighteen.
I plan on showing more of this tattoo as it is in the works. We have a long way to go. There were certain parts of this tattoo that were very painful tonight, but all I could think of when I was getting it were the kids at St. Jude Children's Hospital. When I ran this marathon I realized that all of the pain that I have ever endured or ever will endure was nothing compared to what these little innocent children have already endured in their short little lives. I pray for these children and their families every night!

By the way the artist's name Vic Wilson of King Pin Tattoo's in D'Iberville, Mississippi. He is an amazing artist. Check him out if you ever want something done at

January 19, 2010 Running Log

January 19, 2010
3 mile run on the trace. 
Time: 26:35
Pace: 8:51
This was my first run since the Disney World half marathon. Good run for my first day back. Body, heart and lungs felt great. 

Monday, January 11, 2010

Coast to Coast Challenge

Well Disney does this "coast to coast challenge" every year. The challenge is that you run a race at disneyland in california and at disney world in Florida all in the same year and you receive a special "coast to coast challenge medal".... what i didn't realize when I signed up for my two races this year is that they had to be in the same calendar year. Thats right, I do not get the special medal for something because I did my first one at Disneyland in September of 2009 and I did my other one in January of 2010. I personally think that mine was much more difficult than doing them in the same calendar year, but whatever. Rules are rules.

So I got two medals out of the three. That's OK, this just pushes me to go for the one year Disney four medals in one year starting next January!
The first being the Disney World Half Marathon in Orlando, FL.
The second being the Disney World Full Marathon in Orlando,FL the day after the half.
The third being the combination of those two also known as the "Goofy Challenge" yes thats 39.3 miles in two days.
The fourth being the Disneyland Half Marathon in Anaheim, CA in September of the same year.

Bring it Disney!

Home Sweet Home...

no matter how much fun I have away from my house visiting my family and running these marathons, there is nothing like being home! we had a great time at the Disney half marathon. Jenny and Terri (J'ohn) had a blast running in the wintery weather. Their stories were fun for me to listen to. I also had a great time, even if I did have to run slower than I wanted to. I am learning really fast that every run can't be a PR.

I also want to say GREAT JOB to my friend Keith Ann Carter for finishing her first half marathon this weekend. I really hope that it was an amazing experience for you!

Oh, and here is something that I want to share with everyone even if you don't want to listen. This is something that got me through my first full marathon back in december in Memphis.

Hebrews 12:1
..Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us...

Saturday, January 9, 2010

January 9, 2010 - Disney World Half Marathon

January 9, 2010 Disney World Half Marathon
13.1 miles in the most magical place in the world with 27,000 running partners!
Time: 2:04:10 ouch!
Pace: 9:28 ha!
Ran With: My wife Jenny and Terri Ward.
Well, first of all I want to say that this was an amazing place to run! The course was wonderful. The weather on the other hand was terrible. We showed up at about 4:45 am to start the journey and it was a whopping 32 degrees out with a mix of sleet and snow...... yes you read that correct SLEET AND SNOW! I mean really were are in Orlando right? Go figure the day that we have to run a marathon is the first time snow has happened since like I was two years old back in 1977. I don't remember the snow of 1977 (besides seeing it in pictures), but this snow will definitely be one that I will remember forever.
Now, for the actual race: I finally got to the official start line 50 minutes after the race started and began my run. I actually trained for an 8:30 pace for this half marathon, but realized quickly that this pace, or any consistent pace was not going to happen. After running the first three miles on the grass and weaving in and out of hundreds of people just to keep a 9:00 pace i decided that I would "go with the flow" and enjoy the scenery. We ran through the Magic Kingdom and saw a lot of Disney characters at about miles 5 and 6. This was a lot of fun, and lasted much longer in this Magic Kingdom than it did in the California Magic Kingdom. In the Magic Kingdom we went down Main Street took a right into tomorrow land, ran past the tea cups, past the carousel, through the castle, down to the right into frontier land, past splash mountain and out some back lot area back into the streets. After a few miles on the main road we made our way up a few steep ramps and into the front gates of Epcot Center. In Epcot we ran past spaceship earth (the big ball), down to the entrance of the world (where all of the different countries are) and back out in front of spaceship earth. The views in these two parks were amazing. I have been going to Disney World since I was born. Probably been there thousands of times, but this time was more special than any other time that I have been there!
Thanks Disney World for yet another Magical Experience! You definitely lived up to my expectations!

Who Inspires You?

Who Inspires You?

Who inspires you? This is a question that I have been asked many times over the years. When I was a young elementary school student the answer was Neil Armstrong because I dreamed about space and wanting to be an astronaut. Then I watched the space shuttle challenger explode in the sky from my back yard. Watching the shuttle launch was an advantage of growing up just outside of cocoa beach florida. The day that I witnessed that my whole outlook about being an astronaut changed, as well as my outlook about flying. I hate it! When i started playing baseball, the easy answer became Pete Rose, and to this day I think he was an amazing baseball player and deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Now that I am an adult and work as a photographer, I guess the simple answer would be Annie Leibovitz. She is an amazing photographer, and really does inspire me. If you know much about her work and have seen some of my work you can definitely see the inspiration. Now that I am a marathon runner, I guess the simple answer would be Ryan Hall.
All of these people were and are great in their fields, but there is one person who if I look back on my life has always inspired me. When I wanted to be an astronaut I was inspired by Neil Armstrong, but he would bring me to Kennedy Space Center to see the sights and to watch the shuttle lift off.
When I wanted to be a baseball player, I was inspired by Pete Rose, but he was the one that would show up at my practices just to watch. He was the one who was at all of my games to watch me play. He was the one that took me out and threw balls to me just so I could get some extra batting practice and fielding. He was the one who worked extra shifts so that I could go to Florida State Baseball camp every year that I was in high school. He was the one that worked hard every day so that I didn't have to do anything except concentrate on baseball.
When I started pursuing photography I read a lot about it and began to be inspired by Annie Leibovitz, but he was the one who supported my decision to do photography. He was the one who told me how good my pictures were. He was the one that said do what you have to do to be happy.
When I started running I was inspired by Ryan Hall, but he was the one that said, "you can do a marathon, no matter how hard it is." He was the one who every time I told him that I did a race within a certain time he would shoot back with, "thats pretty good, how about a little faster next time." He was the the one that when I told him that I want to try to qualify for the Boston Marathon he said, "you can do it, go for it." He was the one that called me the week before my first full marathon to tell me that he was not going to be able to be there. I know that killed him. This is one of the only sporting events of my life that he had to miss, the other being the only two baseball games that he missed in which i hit two home runs. I know that he would have done anything to be able to be there.
When I went into the tattoo parlor the other day to get two new Chinese letters added to my back I had one definite choice in mind and that was endurance (the last one in the picture) and when I opened the book of letters to choose my other one, the first one that I saw was father (the top one on my back). This was a no brainer to me. I have always been close to my father, and it was only later in my life that I realized that all of my idols that "inspired" me were nothing compared to my father. He inspires me every day of my life and has instilled in me the inspiration to be able to set goals and do what it takes to accomplish them.
As we get older we realize many things. Seasons change, we grow older, and the people that we are close to become more valuable than they could ever know. Sometimes we never get to tell the people that we care about the most how we really feel, and time passes by before we ever get the chance. I want to tell my father thank you for everything that you have ever done for me. I want him to know that even when he his gone he will still be a strong inspiration in my life, and I hope to pass on the values that he passed on to me. I know that I could never thank him enough for all of the sacrifices that he has made for me, but now he will be with me forever.

Thanks Dad....... I love you.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

January 6, 2010 - Last pace run before Disney World Half!

January 6, 2010
5 mile pace run at the longleaf trace. 
Time: 41:58
Pace: 8:23
Good run today. Temperature was about 38 degrees when I started my run. Not as cold as yesterday. This was my last pace run before the Disney World Half Marathon. This will probably be my last marathon of the year. I have done Disneyland Half Marathon in Anaheim, California; St. Jude Full Marathon in Memphis, Tennessee; and now the Disney World Half Marathon in Orlando, Florida. Been a good year, now it's time to rest the body and get in the gym to build some strength. Oh, and maybe try something new.......triathlon anyone

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 5, 2010 Running Log.....

January 5, 2010
3 mile run on the longleaf trace
Time: 26:32
Pace: 8:50  
Did a quick 3 miler today. Temperature outside was 39 degrees with a 32 degree windchill. This is taper week for the most magical race on the universe, the Disney World Half Marathon. I have been looking forward to this one all year. I finally get to run a marathon infront of my family. Four more days and counting!

Not Really Sure What Will Come of This...

Well, I have decided to join the long list of people that share their lives online. I really don't have any idea what direction this blog page will take, but I think it will be interesting (to me anyway) to look back at this at the end of the year and see what all I have done through the year. I am sure there will be a lot of running entries on here, possibly some of my photography here, complaining about school (which I have decided to go back to this semester, more to come about that later....), and probably some boring stuff about my life in general. Anyway, as I said I am very new to this, so I am going to post it now and see what happens.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 3, 2010 - First run log of the year

January 3, 2010
8 mile long run before church.
Time: 1:14:40
Pace: 9:38  
28 degrees this morning with about a 24 degree windchill. It was cold, but I would much rather this cold than the heat and humidity that I was running in during the past summer. We are off to Walt Disney World on Friday to see the family and run the Disney World Half Marathon.