Monday, February 21, 2011

Training Log

12:44 p.m.

Felt terrible this morning when I woke up. Still trying to fight off this stupid sinus issue that I am having.
Did spin class, 18 miles o the bike in 40ish minutes.
Worked out with the weights: did biceps and abs today. Time to go get some breakfast with my wife who is off today for Presidents Day, then it's in the studio for me to do some work.

Tuesday 8:46 a.m.

Ended up going for a run yesterday about 4:45 p.m. I went to the Longleaf Trace and decided to run a quick 4 miles. It was warm again outside, but I tried not to let that slow me down. Here is what I did:
mile 1: 9:04
mile 2: 8:14
mile 3: 8:18
mile 4: 8:00
Total time: 33:39
Pace: 8:25

I woke up this morning and missed my swim and weights, may miss my run also. I have been fighting this stupid sinus cold, but it got the best of me last night. I feel beat!

Saturday 02.19.2011 - Game 2 - USM vs Eastern Illinois

Southern Miss as Eastern Illinois - Game 2 - 1:00 p.m.

USM controlled this game early with a 2 run homer in the bottom of the first inning from B.A. Vollmuth, and they never looked back. Beating Eastern Illinois 9-1 in game 2 of the 3 game series.

Friday - 02.18.2011 - Opening Day at The Pete!

Southern Miss vs Eastern Illinois - Game 1 - 4:00 p.m.

Southern Miss showed up today to play some Baseball opening the season with a 6 - 2 win against Eastern Illinois.

Here are a few images that I captured from the day.

Saturday's Long Run

So I woke up on Saturday morning trying to decided if I was actually going to get my lazy butt out of bed and meet Dawn, Terri and Vicki for a long run. I was pretty tired from shooting the USM baseball game the night before (pics of that to come soon), and I was fighting off sinus issues that kept me rolling around all night. After getting out of bed at 5:30, letting the dogs out and sipping down my first cup of coffee, I decided that a little 8 mile long run might make me feel a little better.
I met the girls at USM Gateway station where Vicki told me that she planned on running 12 miles. I decided that I could probably pound out 12 miles with them because I really didn't feel like running alone today. The first mile was pretty tough to get going, and our ace was pretty slow, this gave me time to get my body going. I realized fast that this was going to be a good day of running for me. I felt strong, and my sinuses were actually clearing up. We finished the 12 mile run on the Trace and I still felt great! This is where Dawn and Terri said that they had 6 more miles on the Avenues to run so that they could get their 18 mile marathon training in for the week. I don't know why, but I decided that I would do it with them.... What the hell?!
We finished the run very strong, and I had a great run with them. Our final time was 2:51:41 and the pace was 9:32. Pretty impressive considering I went out this morning to do 8 miles!

Time to refuel with Mugshots burger, beer and USM baseball, Great day!

"You are asked to go a mile, you privilege is to be able to give more." - Steve Ramp

Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Little Love for USM Basketball

I had a great time shooting the USM vs UTEP game last night. Just wanted to post a few pictures that I took at the game, Enjoy.....

This is the one-handed slam dunk that was all over ESPN today!
Here is the link if you want to see it. Also, if you look to the bottom of the gaol you can see me down there taking this picture!

loving this shot!

the end of the game, singing the Alma Matter.

just a cool view.

i freaking LOVE this picture!

Be looking for baseball pictures from this weekends opening day!

Training Log

2:55 p.m.
After doing pictures at the USM vs UTEP game and getting home late last night, I forgot to set my alarm. With that said I did get up late, but still managed to make my way to the gym to do weights. I missed my swim this morning but got my weights in. I did biceps and legs today. This was my first day doing legs in a LONG time, but I am going to try to stick with it. I hate working legs.

I'll be heading out for a run here in a few, will post again later.

4:41 p.m.
I went for a little 5 mile run this beautiful afternoon. Weather was about 73 degrees. A little warm, but I enjoyed it. I am not really too sure about my exact times because my gamin beeped at me at about .37 of a mile saying satellite lost! Thanks goodness I wear my trusty timex watch on my other wrist to help with the next mile. I turned off my Garmin and restarted it. The damn thing took about a full mile to locate the satellites, so i started it back up at the beginning of mile 3.
Here is what I got for today:
mile 1 - not too sure (damn Garmin)
mile 2 - timex watch split of 8:34
mile 3 - 8:47 (Garmin back on)
mile 4 - 8:36
mile 5 - 8:21
total for miles 3-5 = 25:45
pace - somewhere between 8:30 to 9:00 - don't really feel like trying to do all of the math.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Training Log...

8:00 a.m.

Went to a great spin class led by Dawn Smith at Wesley Medical Center. If anyone is looking for some great cardio exercise, this is the class for you! Dawn knows how to push you, and is a great motivator at 6:00 in the morning! And a pretty damn good runner too! I was a little late this morning due to the fact that I sat and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast of a Gluten Free Bagel with egg, sausage and cheese on top! YUMMY!

I ended up doing 16 miles total on the spin bike in 40 minutes and some change. Then went in to lift weights. Today was triceps day, had a good weight day today. May try to get a run in later this afternoon, but I have a lot of work to finish up before I can do that. Also, I have to shoot the USM vs UTEP Basketball game tonight at 7pm. We will see if I get enough time today to get that run in.

Be back soon.......

3:54 p.m.
OK, so I didn't get my run in today. I got too busy with work and could not get away. I'll do it tomorrow instead.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Training Log

OK so I decided to start over on my quest to become a swimmer. Right now I am just trying to survive in the water and learn how to breath. I hope this will just come with time and practice, but as of now I am a terrible swimmer!
25m x 4 swim with 20 second rest
50m x 2 kick
25m x 4 swim with 20 second rest
25m x 2 swim

This afternoon I decided to go for a little slow paced run to loosen up the legs after running in New Orleans on Sunday. It was beautiful out this afternoon. 70 degrees at 1:10 in the afternoon. I was happy to be running with my shirt off, but hated thinking about the hot summer runs that will come soon.

My legs were extremely tired today, I pushed them harder than I thought. The 3 miles that I ran today hurt, but I think that it was good for them. Here is what I did today:
3 miles on the Longleaf Trace starting at the Jackson Rd Station.
Total time: 27:06
Avg. Pace: 9:02

New Orleans Rock n Roll Half Marathon

As always I decided to go run the New Orleans Mardi Gras Half Marathon. This one holds a special place for me. Three years ago I decided to run my first half marathon in New Orleans, and I have never been the same. Running has done so much for my life. It has changed me in ways that I could never explain to everyone.

My first half marathon I posted a 1:49:and some change. That was my PR until this year! I went into this race thinking that it could happen, but I didn't really expect it to happen. I started the race feeling great! My first mile was an 8:01 and I knew that if I could keep under an 8:15 I could PR this year. I still felt great, so I went for it. Mile 2 was a 7:58 and mile 3 was a 7:53. This is when I decided that a PR was going to happen, but now I wanted more. I wanted to get to the 1:45 mark.... I did it 1:45:31

Here are my splits:

Final Total PR: 1:45:31
I'll Take It!

It's Been A Long Time....

Yes, I know it has been a really long time since I have posted anything on here. Actually almost a full year, but I think that I am going to try to keep up with it a little more for those who care.

A lot has happened in the past year..... I am now a full time photographer, I now am trying to swim so that I can try this triathlon thing, I finished my second full marathon in San Antonio, my hair has become long, and I am only 2 sittings away from finishing my 26.2 tattoo that I started after finishing my first marathon over a year ago. I'll try to post some pictures of where we are with that soon.

I guess this is a start. More to come soon.